Members and friends of Covenant, please feel free to contact any of the officers of the church by consulting Covenant's directory or by requesting assistance from the church office.

Elder Rob Barbadoro came to faith at the age of 28 after about 3 years of searching for the truth.  The Lord revealed himself in many ways, but one of the most powerful was through friendships - those he developed with believers in the years leading up to his conversion, and the already existing ones with people who became believers after having known them for years.  Their reverence for God, their commitment to his truth, and their earnest desire to follow the Lord affected Rob profoundly.  He knew there was something special about the God they worshiped.  Rob began attending Covenant in 2002 and also serves as an usher and Sunday School teacher.  In his free moments, he enjoys time with his wife, Laura and 3 children Jacob, Luke and Hannah.  He also likes visiting with friends, catching an occasional baseball game, playing ping-pong and reading.

Elder Steve Bikle came to faith through being raised in a Christian home and began attending Covenant in 1997.  He has taught Sunday School classes and has served on several boards and committees including the Session, a pastoral search committee, and an evangelism and outreach committee.  Additionally, Steve has offered his time to record Covenant’s worship services, work on the sound and telephone systems, and wire the computer network.  In his free time, Steve enjoys spending time with his wife Winnie, and sons Christian, Andrew and Matthew.  He also likes to read, hunt, fish and putter around the house, garage or the farm.

Elder Jim Nagy was a member of a Baptist church before joining the PCA and he has been attending Covenant since 1986.  He was ordained as a ruling elder in 1988 and has actively served on the Session at various points over the span of those years.  He has taught Sunday School classes for adults, jr. high and sr. high students, and also currently serves on the Christian Education Committee.  Jim and his wife, Cathy, have 4 children:  Joel, Andrew, Emily and Sara.  His hobbies include gardening and working around the house.  

Elder Wayne Shaw was raised in the Lutheran church where he learned Bible stories and was active in ministry, even teaching the Jr. High Sunday School class.  But at the age of 22 the Lord graciously opened his eyes to the fact that he was a sinner, and that salvation was by faith alone through grace alone.  He and Elizabeth were married in 1974 and attended a couple of Baptist churches and a large “seeker-sensitive” church.  However, early in their marriage they had studied reformed theology and in a sort of “homecoming” joined Covenant in 2012.  He and Elizabeth have two grown children and a grandson, all living on the West Coast.  Wayne teaches adult Sunday School classes and helps with mowing, and the Shaws also serve on the Christian Education Committee.  He enjoys fishing, boating, traveling, woodworking, oil painting, and is a licensed pilot hoping someday to get back to flying small airplanes. The Shaws split their time between Ocean City, NJ and the Peter Becker Community in Harleysville.


 Deacon Jeff Currier came to faith after a difficult period in his life and realized that trust in Christ was more powerful and comforting than anything else he had known.  He began attending Covenant in 1998 and has served as the Trailblazers Boys ministry leader, a deacon and the chair of the Men’s Ministry.  He and his wife Sandra have 2 sons, Nicholas and Tyler.  Jeff’s hobbies include playing with his sons, softball, skiing and running.


Deacon Andy Ford was raised in a Christian home and began attending Covenant in 1982.  He and his wife, Carolyn have 2 children, Daniel and Anna.  One of Andy’s hobbies is wood cutting.




 Mitch Keating was brought to faith during his upbringing in the Methodist church.  He and his wife Sarah began attending Covenant in 2006 with their son Caleb.  They have since been joined by sons Noah and Micah and daughter Jane.  Mitch has served as an usher, worship leader, small group leader and substitute Sunday School teacher.  In his spare time he enjoys movies, books, music and coaching various children’s sports teams. 



Deacon Mark Kleeman grew up in a Christian home, but can't remember a specific time when he came to know the Lord.  Through God's grace, his faith strengthened during his high school and college years.  He started attending Covenant with his family in 1998 and it was at that time he met his wife, Rebecca, who had attended Covenant her whole life.  The Kleemans have participated in a number of short-term missions trips with Covenant and have taught the 2 and 3 year old Sunday school class.  Mark enjoys spending time at home with his children Sam, Ben and Cora, as well as following Philadelphia sports teams.


 Deacon Ken Markwalter was raised in an evangelical church and was called to faith as a teenager.  He began attending Covenant in 2010 and has enjoyed the opportunity to serve in the following ways:  leading adult Sunday School classes, speaking at the men's breakfast, leading men's retreat discussions, assisting with a children’s Sunday School class, serving on the youth group leadership committee, assisting with various youth events and projects, and he has also participated in several diaconal maintenance projects.  He and his wife Barb have a daughter, LeeAnn and a son, Ethan.  In his free time Ken enjoys skiing, golfing and fellowship with others.


 Bob McClurken was raised in a Lutheran church, but came to faith through reading and studying the Scriptures.  He began attending Covenant in 2012 and has served in a variety of ways.  In addition to ushering, Bob has blessed the church with his maintenance of the building and grounds.  He and his wife Jean have two grown daughters, Kathy and Donna.  Bob enjoys playing golf, fishing, and following Philadelphia sports teams.


 Deacon Steve Rutkowski was raised in a family that went to church every Sunday, but where the gospel was rarely preached.  He came to faith at Bucknell University through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and some faithful Christians.  One upper classman who had an impact on his life during his freshman year was a member of the crew team named John Muhlfeld.  Steve began attending Covenant in 1997 and is the chair of the Missions Committee.  Steve and his wife, Carrie, have 3 children:  Rachel, Sarah and Daniel.  During his free time he enjoys watching and participating in all kinds of sports and spending time with his children.

 Deacon David Schmidt has been a lifelong attender of Covenant since his birth in 1983.  He was raised in a Christian home with God-fearing parents and has been a been Christian as long as he can remember.  It was at the age of 28 he fully came to recognize God's love, grace, and mercy.  Currently, David is head of the set-up committee for church events and serves as an usher, softball player/coach, and Junior Church teacher.  David lives in Schwenskville with his wife Joy and son Nicholas.  He enjoys taking walks, reading, vacationing in Ocean City, NJ and following all of the Philadelphia sports teams.

 Deacon George Schmidt was invited to Covenant by his brother-in-law in 1982.  One week later George and his wife, Cathy, came to faith through the Evangelism Explosion presentation by Covenant’s first pastor, Dave Brewer.  This has been the first and only church George has ever belonged to and he has served as a youth leader, Jr. Church teacher, a deacon and softball coach.  George and Cathy have 3 grown children, David, Rebecca and Christine.  In his free time George likes to walk on the bike path with Cathy and especially enjoys Phillies baseball and Eagles football.