Pictures of Sin and Grace

The plagues of Exodus 10 are more than a display of God’s power and the next step in the liberation of His people. They also serve as a picture of the effects of sin upon our lives. Only God’s grace to us in Christ is sufficient to restore what the locusts have eaten and deliver us from the darkness we all experience apart from Him.

Promise Breakers

The Israelites demonstrated yet again covenantal unfaithfulness by marrying foreign women. While this points to the importance of covenantal marriage, it points to a deeper problem: the people of God cannot keep their covenantal obligations. So then it falls to God to provide Christ, who kept the covenant for us.

The difference between remorse and repentance is critical to the Christian life. Remorse is a confession of sorrow before men, while repentance is a confession of sin before God. Despite the hardness of Pharaoh’s heart, in Exodus 9 we see the mercy of God in displaying His power so that all men might repent of their sin and find saving refuge in Him.

Let's Make a Deal

The pressures of life often tempt us to try and make deals with God. Like Pharaoh, we promise renewed obedience in return for deliverance from our present crisis. But God is not interested in our offers because He has already made the only deal we'll ever need-the offer of undeserved grace though faith in the sacrifice of His Son.