Luther's A Simple Way to Pray

If you have ever become distracted in prayer, found that your prayer life has become cool or lifeless, or are at a loss as to what you should pray about, the Scriptures themselves provide wonderful content for prayer. In his little book, A Simple Way to Pray, Martin Luther, following Psalm 1, gives us very helpful guidelines for learning to pray the Scriptures.

Our Father in Heaven

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get private prayer lessons from Jesus Himself? That is exactly what we have been given in the Lord’s Prayer. The preface teaches us that our God is personal, accessible, and ascendant. He has truly become “Our Father in heaven” through the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Praying for Life

Sometimes we wonder if our prayers are heard or if they really matter, especially with respect to the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society. But Acts 12 shows us that the God of life hears our prayers for life and saves life through the mercy of His Son who gave His life in our place.

Prayer for All Seasons

There are many seasons in life and prayer is essential to them all. Whether crushed or rejoicing James invites us to seek the One in whom all life and hope are found.

Simeon's Prayer of Praise

Following the birth of Jesus, Joseph and Mary presented him in the temple, where the devout man, Simeon, moved by the Holy Spirit, understood that this was no ordinary baby, and responded to God’s great work with praise and prophecy. Simeon’s prayer of praise has much to teach us about our own prayer life today.