From Stealing to Stewardship

The eighth commandment envisions more than refraining from shoplifting and stealing office supplies. It covers wrongfully taking anything that does not belong to us (including intangible things like people’s time and reputation) as well as positively requiring the lawful advancement of our own and others’ prosperity. Most of all, it leads us to a redeemed mindset where we view ourselves not as owners, but as stewards through the grace of the One who purchased us on the cross.

Security in Sovereignty

David learned the spiritual truth that when we’ve blown it with God and we’re looking to recover, that there is security in God’s sovereignty, not in our self-sufficiency.

Freedom from Sexual Sin

Few topics are more pressing in our day than the epidemic of sexual sin, yet few topics are more rarely discussed in the church due to embarrassment and guilt. Thankfully, God is not embarrassed to address this subject in His Word, and He shows the way to freedom from sexual sin and restored purity through the work of His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Sanctity of Human Life

Since few of us have committed physical murder, we are tempted us to pass over the sixth commandment as being at least one of the ten that we've perfectly kept. But when we understand that the commandment also requires us to actively promote the preservation of human life, as well as holds us accountable for each thought, word, and attitude with respect to anger, we quickly realize our need for a Savior who Himself suffered death so that we might be granted eternal life.