The Presence of God

Moses knew that God’s Presence was essential for his own life and leadership, for the welfare of the nation, and for Israel’s witness to the world. Without His immediate presence they would be directionless, defenseless, and hopeless. We, too, are helpless whenever we try to live our lives apart from the abiding Presence of God. The good news is that God sent His Son and His Spirit so that believers might know the grace of His saving Presence every moment of every day.

The apostle Paul indicates in several New Testament passages that believers are to teach one another. Such instruction can take place formally or informally, and it also includes some aspects like admonishing and rebuking one another that may be difficult to do, but are important for mutual edification and the health of the body of Christ.

Change and Transition

Never Alone

In Exodus 33 the Israelites were terrified to think that God had left them alone. He had not left them, of course, even though their sin had indeed strained the intimacy of their relationship. Through His mediator He continued to share regular fellowship with his people. Whether due to our circumstances or our sin, we often feel isolated from God in our everyday lives. But we are never alone if we have known the grace of Jesus Christ. He is the Ultimate Mediator who secures our permanent fellowship with God no matter where we are or what we have done.