And He Shall Purify

When the Lord Jesus returns in glory His splendor will have an irreversible effect on sin: it will judge unrepentant sin and purify the sin of those who have fled to Him for grace. But the Lord Jesus has already come once in the flesh and is presently purifying His Church, even as He warns unbelievers of the coming judgment. How happy are those who know His cleansing grace in this life and give Him all the glory!

In our last Topical Proverbs sermon, we saw the power of words to do good. We noted that two characteristics of wise speech are restraint and gentleness. Continuing to follow Paul’s “Put Off/Put On” principle, today we’ll look at a third virtue that should characterize our powerful speech: discernment. Solomon is driving home to us that it is imperative to master the skill of knowing what to say, when to say it, when not to say it, and how to say it.

The Whiff of Death

When Jacob asked Joseph, his favorite son, to bury him in Canaan rather than in Egypt, he was expressing his faith and confidence in the God whom he had followed all his life. In a culture that tends to marginalize the elderly and dying, and often denies our mortality, how ought Christians think about and prepare for the one event that we shall all face—our deaths?

Marriage Under Siege

Since the Garden of Eden, marriage has been identified as a strategic blessing from God and thus has been under siege by the enemy. He relentlessly seeks to marginalize, redefine, poison, and destroy it. Worst of all, our own faithlessness toward one another proceeds from, and contributes to, our faithlessness toward God. We need a Savior who can break the siege and have one in Jesus Christ. God’s prefect Bridegroom is able to redeem His faithless bride for His Father’s glory and our eternal good.