Ambassadors of Christ

Ambassadors are trusted messengers who represent their county on foreign soil. They are granted authority to speak on behalf of their head of state and to advance the interests of those who commissioned them. In Luke 10, Jesus sent a large group of disciples to serve as His ambassadors. They represented His kingdom, communicated His message, and displayed His authority. Our Lord continues to empower and send ambassadors today: every believer who has known His grace though His atoning work on the cross.

As we resume our look at Colossians, after commending the Colossian believers for their response to the gospel, Paul informs them that he regularly prays for them. We will look at Paul's intercessory prayer and the priority he places on believers knowing and living God's will.

A Father's Blessings

Jacob's 'blessings' on his twelve sons are actually prophecies about the future of their descendants, which raises a number of questions, such as the role our ancestors play in our own lives, the effect that we in our turn have on the lives of our descendants, and the providence of God that brings his plan to fruition.

The Hard Way

From gangster movies to slick television commercials, doing things the “easy way” or the “hard way” doesn’t seem like much of a choice. But as Jesus shows us in Luke 9, sometimes the hard way is the right way, the best way, even the only way to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.