All in the Family

A snapshot of our extended earthly families reveals quite an assortment of personalities and levels of obedience. The same is true within the household of faith, yet God uses each one- even the rebellious- for His own glory and to teach us about life in His family.

Ezra's Intercession for Confession

Because of their sin Ezra interceded for the people and his prayer gives us guidelines for our own confession and intercession.

Trust Issues

Pain and disappointment make it difficult to take God at his word, but he patiently reminds us of his covenantal promises ultimately fulfilled in Christ. Through the One who perfectly trusted in our place we find our trust in the Father marvelously renewed and restored.

Under Pressure

Sometimes the pressures of life are more than we can bear and we're tempted to respond in unbiblical ways. God's Word shows us a way forward, ultimately through the Lord Jesus Christ who bore the ultimate pressure on the cross so that we might be free through faith in Him.