A Biblical Theology of Babies

Babies feature prominently in the Bible’s plotline of redemptive history. There are a number of special babies who are used as adults by God to accomplish his purpose of bringing salvation to the world and to secure eternal blessings for the world to come. The lives of these individuals remind us of God’s sovereign purposes and his faithfulness to his promises.

Building a Thankful People

Though it might seem like God’s main goal in Exodus 35 was to build a tabernacle, His greater goal was to build a people who would be united to Him in a spirit of selfless thankfulness. Through our Lord Jesus Christ we, too, are being built into a spiritual building to offer thanks to our God as we proclaim His glory to the nations.

Reflecting God's Glory

God’s glory is so great that Moses’ face literally glowed after meeting with Him. His entire countenance was transformed and his ministry made effective because it was obvious to everyone that he had been with God. In the same way, the Lord Jesus desires to meet with us each day so that we might reflect His glory to the watching world.

The God of Second Chances

We tend not to give second chances to the people who sin against us. We harbor resentment, foster suspicion, and fear being hurt again. Thankfully, God is not like us. He is the God of second chances who shows mercy to undeserving people whom He knows will sin against Him again. He is able to do this (and yet remain just) through the sacrifice of a Mediator who took the guilt of our sin upon Himself so that we might know the grace of God.