Advent Surprises

As we consider Christ’s coming, Matthew’s genealogy mentions some individuals whose inclusion may be a bit surprising to us, considering what genealogies were used for. We’ll look at one of the least familiar people mentioned because their story has a lot to tell us about what Christmas is really all about.

When You Just Have to Wait

Patience may be a virtue but it doesn't come naturally to any of us. No one likes waiting, especially when facing suffering or uncertainty. But as with all things, God uses waiting for His glory. James shows us how to wait well: with eyes on the Lord and hope in His amazing grace to us in Christ Jesus.

Hope for the Little Guy

So often we feel helpless before those who have greater status, power, and wealth. We may even suffer deprivation and oppression at their hands. But God gives a warning to the “big guy” that his eye is on the “little guy” and that He is able to deliver them through the Savior who suffered ultimate oppression in our place.