Crushing Idols, Giving Hope

An idol is anything we love, honor, or depend upon more than God. In His mercy, God relentlessly crushes the idols in our lives so that our hope may be built on Him alone, but the process is rarely pleasant. Turning the Nile River into blood crushed one of the ancient Egyptians’ most powerful idols, but it also opened the door of salvation for those who trusted in Him by grace. Ultimately, the first plague foreshadowed a far greater judgment in blood that would result in a far greater deliverance through the cross of Jesus Christ.

The Holiness of Christ

Among the many blessed attributes of Christ, none surpasses His sheer holiness. While not always perceived outwardly, it was the driving force behind His earthly life and ministry and remains the eternal basis of our salvation and comfort as we trust in Him each day.

The Joy of Christ

There are so many things in life that discourage us and rob us of joy. Yet joy is listed second after only love among the fruit of the Spirit and is meant to be a key blessing in the life of every believer. By considering what gave Christ joy during His earthly ministry we better see how His joy can be ours by grace.

The Humility of Christ

The pride of thinking they knew better than God was at the root of Adam and Eve’s first sin and it continues to be at the root of our own sin each day. Only a Savior who was born in humility, lived in humility, and died in humility is able to atone for the sin of our pride and enable us to live with a right perspective before God and one another.

Glorious News in Dark Times

Just as Haggai’s message of God’s past presence and future promises gave his people encouragement, so the Christmas message of the birth of Christ as “Immanuel” and the ultimate fulfillment of those promises gives us hope today.