God the Just Judge

David calls on the Lord to judge justly. The biblical doctrine of God as Judge who will call everyone to account is a scary reality, but for those in Christ it is a source of great joy and comfort.

The Thankful Praise of Advent

When the depravity of our sin as a fallen race hits close to home it’s easy to feel like the spirit of Christmas has been undermined. But in fact, it was for this very reason that God sent His Son into the world: to atone for the depths of our sin and replace our depravity with a thankful spirit of praise to the One who set us free.

The Faithful Obedience of Advent

There were a wide variety of responses to the announcement of Jesus’ birth. King Herod responded in murderous rage. Priest Zechariah responded in skeptical doubt. But a poor, teenage girl from Nazareth responded in faithful obedience. It was a fitting response to the Savior whose faithful obedience would save His people from their sins through the cross, and it reminds us that Advent brings not only good news of great joy but a renewed call to follow the One who first sought us.

The Merciful Grace of Advent

The main reason the birth of Jesus was such good news was because it promised grace to sinners like us. Grace to those who suffer. Grace to those who doubt. Grace to those who long for the kingdom of God to advance in an unjust world. The grace of Jesus is so amazing that even the announcement of the one who would announce Him was showered in grace! How much more so the mercy shown to those who have trusted in His saving work upon the cross.