The Hope of Heaven

The “hope” offered by the things of this life is either fake or fleeting. When confronted with the reality of our sin, the pain of our affliction, and the passage of time such promises of hope never stand up. Only Jesus offers an eternal hope that transcends the sin and suffering of this life through His supreme suffering on the cross.

The Hope of Forgiveness

Guilt is a terrible thing. It racks our souls and robs us of joy in every area of life. Resentment is no better. It embitters our spirits and consumes us as we fixate on those who have wronged us. Only Jesus provides the blessed hope of forgiveness when we can’t forgive ourselves - or others!

Hope in the Darkness

Hard times have a way of making everything seem hopeless. Difficult circumstances, external oppression, and internal doubts conspire to leave us discouraged and ineffective in our Christian lives. But Jesus offers hope to the hopeless. When all seems lost and our best efforts seem wasted he reminds us that it has never been about our efforts but about his perfect life, death, and resurrection. Through the Scriptures he redirects us to himself where we find mercy and grace to help us in our time of need.

Hope for the Hungry

Just as our bodies hunger for food each day, so our souls hunger for the God who made us. Without him we remain restless and unfulfilled, dead in our sin and unable to live life as he desires. But when the time had fully come, God sent his Son so that every hungry soul who feeds on him by faith might have hope through the True Bread of heaven, given for us.