Supreme over Everything!

After opening his letter with prayer for the Colossians and a concise theological exposition of the Father’s redemptive work in Christ, the apostle Paul turns to doxology. His praise of Christ and his work of redemption and reconciliation takes the form of a hymn which exalts Christ’s supremacy over the creative and redemptive aspects of the universe. The apostle’s poetic exaltation of Christ gives us important insights into who Jesus is and what he is doing.

Glorious Savior Revealed

Seven hundred years before Christ’s birth, Micah prophesied a glorious Savior who would remove His people’s shame and rule in strength and majesty. His greatness would reach to the ends of the earth, and He would be His people’s peace. Two thousand years have passed since Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection, and He remains the eternal peace of everyone who looks to Him in faith.

Christmas Rescue

In our last sermon on Colossians 1, we saw that part of normal Christian life is to give thanks. Today we’ll look at the three specific actions by God that are the foundation for why we are to give thanks. We’ll see that these divine actions are the core of the Christmas story, the story line of Redemption.

A Light Has Dawned

In the midst of the darkest days, God’s word reminds us that the glorious light of Christ has dawned. Sin and death have been defeated by our incarnate and resurrected King, and will one day be destroyed when He returns in glory. In the meantime, we have everything we need for life and hope as we tell others of the Savior who is the light of the world.