In God We Trust

When faced with yet another difficult circumstance, David composes a psalm in which he affirms his trust in the LORD. The occasion for this reminds believers that God often tests his children to refine and strengthen them.

Behold the Lamb of God

The Passover was far more than a religious ritual or even a celebration of deliverance from Egypt alone. It was a symbol-laden picture of God’s ultimate deliverance from sin through the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the ultimate Lamb of God who both shields us from God’s wrath and feeds us by His grace so that we might enjoy new lives of obedience and fruitfulness in Him.

The Lord of Life and Death

In a world of seemingly random trials and challenges it’s easy to forget that God holds all of life and even death in the palm of His hand. He uses them both for His good purposes, and while tragic, the announcement of the death of the firstborn sons of Egypt advanced His gracious plan to save a far greater multitude through the death of His own beloved Son.

God Vindicates His Own

Threatened with death from Saul and his men, David pleads his innocence with the Lord, makes his case against his adversaries, and affirms his trust in God to vindicate him because of God’s strength and love.