God With Us

The culmination of the Exodus was the Glorious God dwelling in the midst of His redeemed people. Through a display of both His transcendence and His immanence He paved the way for the ultimate dwelling of God with man-Jesus Christ. Jesus is the perfect Mediator who guides us through the wilderness of this life through both His transcendent glory and His ever-present love.

Believers are commanded to bear one another’s burdens, whether they are our moral failures or the despair and discouragement that are a part of life in this fallen world. Not only does the Bible give us practical ways to bear each other’s burdens, but it also teaches us that our weighty burdens are the concern of each person of the Trinity.

Passing Inspection

The tabernacle had to pass a rigorous building inspection before it was worthy to be occupied by God’s holy presence. Our lives, too, must pass inspection if the holy God is to dwell among us and bestow His blessing. The only problem is, left to ourselves we fail every time! Only Christ’s perfect righteousness credited to our account by grace meets God’s holy standard and allows us to live a life that is free from both perfectionism and apathy.