Power Praying

Despite his imprisonment, Paul taught the Ephesian church that he rejoiced that in Christ Jews and Gentiles have been united, and that they now enjoy peace that followed from this union. He gladly prays for these unified Christians that they would have Spirit-energized power to know Christ’s love, with the ultimate goal that they will be filled with the fullness of God. Paul’s prayer for power in our inner being is instructive for our prayer lives today.

Your Kingdom Come

There are many ways to build a kingdom: militarily, through force; economically, through prosperity; culturally, through shared experience. But all such kingdoms are destined to perish because they are based on human means and human ends. God is building an eternal kingdom for His glory through the proclamation of His Son, who invites us to join Him in His great work by praying, “Your kingdom come!”

Hallowed Be Your Name

Sin is fundamentally disorienting. It convinces us we’re at the center of the universe while God is either non-existent or exists to serve us. We have no sense of His profound holiness, and therefore do not love Him, worship Him, or obey Him. The first petition of the Lord’s Prayer reorients our hearts back to our Holy Father through the Son whom He loves.

Finding Life