The Way of the LORD

Throughout the book of Proverbs we meet many characters like the wise king, the foolish son, the prudent man, the sluggard, the mocker, and the brawler. But the main character is undoubtedly the LORD himself. Having a proper understanding of God – actually knowing him personally and his ways, rather than just knowing about him – is essential to living lives of wisdom day by day. What do the various proverbs in the book tell us about the LORD that will help us know him better and live well before his face? We’ll see that Solomon has much to teach us about the God we serve.

The Blessed Big Picture

So often in life, we become disoriented, despondent, and delinquent because we lose sight of the big picture of what God is doing. We get so caught up in the details and struggles of our daily lives that we forget the glorious plan of our glorious God. Haggai’s final oracle reminds us of the Mighty God who will one day shake the heavens and the earth, fully redeeming His people through Zerubbabel’s greatest descendant, Jesus Christ.

Sin and Grace

In Bible-believing churches, we use terms like sin and grace all the time. We think we know what they mean but have not begun to fathom their true depth and height. In Haggai 2, God shows us how bad our sin really is so that we might understand how amazing His grace really is, ultimately through the Savior who became defiled that we might be cleansed.

Strengthened by God

Like the good Father that He is, God disciplines and corrects us when we go astray. But He also empowers us when we are weak. After taking His people to the woodshed in chapter one, God strengthens and encourages them in chapter two by reminding them of His presence and His plan. He would remain with them in power and would use them to prepare the way for the ultimate Temple, who would secure their ultimate peace, Jesus Christ. God strengthens us through the same Savior as we continue His work today.