Not to Worry

Jesus knows the weakness of our faith and how easily we succumb to worry. He also loves us and does not want to see our joy and fruitfulness for His kingdom choked by earthly fear and anxiety. So He repeatedly lifts our eyes to our mighty Father, in whom alone forgiveness, peace, and security are found. Through the grace of the Savior who always sought God’s kingdom, we may replace fear with faith, trembling with trust, and paralysis with obedience.

The Lord speaks to us directly through his Word, and we are called to listen to it and obey it. But he also tests us through his works, and, like Rehoboam, we are often tempted to respond in the wrong way to our circumstances. We can learn from his example, but our ultimate hope is that the long-awaited descendant of Rehoboam always responded in the right way to both the works and Word of his Father, and his grace and power will enable us to do so as well.

Longest-Term Investing

Every good financial plan has short, medium, and long-term goals, but they are all worthless apart from consideration of the longest-term of all, eternity! Jesus said that even the savviest investor is a fool if he is not rich toward God through the grace of the Savior who became poor so that we might become rich in Him. Jesus paid for our lives on the cross and shows us how to invest them for His eternal glory.

Bad Fear and Good Fear

God created us to fear Him above all else. He designed us to worship and adore Him in awe, humility, and reverence. But sin has warped our fear such that we now fear nearly everything except God. How can our bad fear be overcome, and our good fear restored? Only through the Savior who did not fear death but gave His life for us so that we might live unflinchingly for Him.