Jesus in Control

Not being in control scares us, which is bad because we are never truly in control of our lives! We also tend to respond badly to not being in control, frequently resorting to compromise, attack, or flight. But Jesus was in complete control of His circumstances even when He seemed to be at His most vulnerable. When isolated, He remained secure. When betrayed, He remained undaunted. When arrested, He remained in command. The Savior who was in full control of His own crucifixion is more than able to govern our lives in righteousness as we look to Him for grace.

In Luke 3:1 to 4:13, the writer includes three important episodes in the life of Christ: the appearance of John the Baptist, Jesus’ own baptism and genealogy, and the temptation of Jesus. Each of these is part of the public inauguration of Jesus as Messiah. And each of the episodes points to his other offices: to his coronation as the New King and his consecration as the ultimate prophet and priest. These offices of Jesus are important to properly understanding who he is and what his work is for his people.

Knowing God Better

There are a virtually limitless number of things to pray and strive for in the Christian life. All of them have value, but when writing to the Ephesians Paul said his top concern was that they would know God better. How can we pray for others to know God better? How can we know Him better ourselves? God’s word teaches us how to know Him better through the grace of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sealed by the Spirit

God the Holy Spirit is often the most misunderstood Person of the Trinity. Either glamorized or ignored, His primary work of drawing us to Christ is often forgotten. But the Holy Spirit is the unbreakable, unifying, confirming, and anticipatory seal of our salvation. He is the evidence of what is already ours in Christ, and the guarantee of what is yet to come. He comforts our hearts and guides our lives as we live in the grace of God from whom all blessings flow.