Repentance unto Life

The sweep of daily life can draw our hearts and minds far from the things of eternity, but tragedy can powerfully awaken us to the reality of death, judgment, and our need for a Savior. Jesus calls us to repentance unto life, that we might know both the joy of His salvation and the joy of walking in obedience to His commands.

Paul concludes his important teaching on God’s reconciliation of sinners to Himself by noting that believers must persevere to the end, remaining established, firm, and unmovable. But this raises the question as to whether Paul is teaching that after we are saved by grace, are we to work to keep our salvation? We will explore Paul’s teaching that Christians are to both persevere in the faith and be sovereignly preserved by God’s gracious work in Christ applied by the Holy Spirit.

In Luke 12, Jesus warns us that in this life, the gospel comes with conflict as well as salvation. There is a cost to following Jesus as His disciple. But there is a far greater cost to not following Him, or to denying what we know to be true about Him. Our Lord teaches us how the grace of discipleship makes the cost of discipleship not only acceptable, but our great joy through the One who paid the price for our sin on the cross.

At the Ready

Believers are not meant to wander aimlessly through the Christian life. We are to anticipate our Lord’s glorious return and live accordingly. In Luke 12, Jesus warns us of complacency and calls us to an active and vigilant faith in the One who readily obeyed the will of His Father on our behalf, Jesus Christ.