Pausing for Praise

The first thing the Israelites did after being delivered from Egypt was pause and give praise to God. Sadly, that is often the last thing we do in our busy lives. But giving praise to God fulfills the glorious purpose for which we were created, floods our hearts with confidence and joy, and fosters an eternal perspective that directs our daily steps as we ultimately look to the Savior who has enabled our praise.

Game Changer

Prior to his conversion, the Apostle Paul was plagued by many of the same things that enslave us each day - self-absorption, busyness, isolation, and hopelessness. His encounter with the resurrected Savior proved to be a “game changer” in his life, however, and it can be in ours as well as we received the forgiveness of sins by grace, through faith in the risen Christ.

The Triumphal Exit

Israel’s miraculous exit from Egypt was a mighty act of God, but it all pointed ahead to an even greater exodus, through an even greater Mediator, to an even greater promised land. Far greater than Jesus’ triumphal entry on Palm Sunday was His “triumphal exit” on the cross as He redeemed forever all who look to Him for grace.

Confident Desperation

In the middle of a desperate crisis, David confidently responds by openly expressing his fears to the Lord and affirming the Lord’s fatherly care for him.