Mercy for Sinners

We all struggle with guilt in a variety of ways, and all of our human-centered attempts to deal with it are counterproductive. Only God can provide mercy and forgiveness to sinners like us and the Ark of the Covenant anticipates how He has done so through the cross of Jesus Christ.

The Gift of Giving

If God created everything, owns everything, and needs nothing, why does He call us to give? The only conclusion can be that it is for our benefit unto His glory. In Exodus 25 we find that God’s invitation to give is itself a gracious gift that reorients our hearts, involves us in His work, and prepares us for His own presence among us, ultimately in the Person of His Son.

Ministry to One Another

As a disciple of Jesus, Ananias responded to the Lord’s call to minister to Paul who was in need, and Ananias responded in faith and action to help someone he was not naturally inclined to serve. Ananias demonstrates the kind of commitment to ministry to others that we strive to develop in Covenant’s small groups.

Walking with the Savior

Many things in life are overly complicated. Thankfully, walking with the Savior is not. He meets us where we are, shows us His grace, and sends us on His mission filled with His resurrection joy and strength.