False gods, corrupt kings, pagan priests, and tepid faith are not enough to keep God from drawing His people back to Himself. When we are utterly helpless, He intercedes for our salvation, displaying His mighty power, so that we might know that He is God and there is no other. He turns our hearts back to Himself, ultimately through the grace of the Savior who allowed His own heart to be broken for us, Jesus Christ.

It is too easy for believers to fall into formalism when we pray, either praying the same things all the time or praying without heart-felt sincerity. John Bunyan, the renowned author of Pilgrim’s Progress, gives us a cure for formalism in our prayer life.

Jesus’ humanity in the post-resurrection accounts sometimes leads us to underestimate the magnitude of His divinity, but in Revelation John provides a glimpse of His post-resurrection glory so that we may we have supreme confidence in the King to whom we pray.

The devil has many tactics to destroy us but Christ delivers us from them all through His work on the cross. The One who was delivered over to death in our place is able to deliver us from every evil attack as we pray to Him for grace.

When it comes to temptation, we are in grave danger because we are exceedingly weak and our enemy is exceedingly strong. But God is infinitely stronger still, and He delights to protect and preserve those who pray in the Name of the One who never succumb to temptation, the Lord Jesus Christ.