Known by the King

Many people claim to know Jesus but will be surprised on the last day when He says He doesn’t know them! Jesus warned us ahead of time so that by His grace, we might avoid surface religion and seek to be known by Him as He is freely offered in the gospel. Though the way of true discipleship is exceedingly narrow, it is also exceedingly blessed as we follow the King in whom all life, growth, and fruitfulness are found.

Free at Last

As bad as physical bondage is, it is nothing compared to the spiritual bondage imposed by sin. Sin is so enslaving that we may even believe we are doing God’s work while actually opposing Him, as with the synagogue ruler in Luke 13. Only the Lord Jesus, who completely bound Himself to the will of His Father, is able to truly free us through His death and resurrection as we look to Him in faith.

Abijah was not a good king. But on one occasion, he set himself apart from his adversary (Jeroboam), his father (Rehoboam), and even his own reputation, by remembering, revering, and relying on the LORD. As we look at 2 Chronicles 13, we will consider what we can learn from the stories of these three kings, but more importantly, how our ability to remember, revere and rely upon the LORD depends on the King who always did this perfectly for our sake.

Faith at the Empty Tomb

The apostle John lived with Jesus for approximately three years, beholding all His miracles and hearing all His teaching, but it was not until he arrived at the empty tomb that he truly believed. Jesus’ resurrection remains at the essential core of the Christian faith, and our Lord continues to draw people to the empty tomb where they find life and forgiveness in Him.