Bread from Heaven

God enjoys using simple pictures to teach us of His grace. In Exodus 16 He teaches that He is the God who feeds us and sustains us with bread from heaven. While the manna in the wilderness mercifully fed God’ people for a time, the true Bread from Heaven to which it pointed, Jesus Christ, would feed His people forever.

Refuge for the Righteous

David’s betrayal at the hands of an ungodly mercenary causes him to reflect on the bigger picture of the cosmic conflict the people of God are involved in. David sees the stark contrast between the righteous and the unrighteous, and realizing the ultimate end of both, exhorts people to avoid the certain destruction that awaits the ungodly.

Steadfast in Adversity

David’s knowledge of God’s character and God’s providence developed in him a steadfast ability to stand in the midst of life’s adversities. May we learn from David’s example and look to our Lord in the midst of trying times as well.

Dry Seasons

Like the Israelites in the wilderness, we all face dry seasons in our Christian pilgrimage. Such seasons seem like they will never end and we wonder if God has forgotten us. But God uses even dry seasons to teach us of His grace and point us to the Savior who thirsted for us so that we might enjoy the living water of eternal life.