May 2016

Prepared through Failure

Despite having lived with Jesus his entire life, James failed to recognize Jesus’ true identity, message, or mission. But once his heart was changed by grace, the record of James’ failure became the foundation of a fruitful ministry to God’s people. So it is with everyone who knows the grace of Christ. He uses even our past failures for His glory!

On Looking Back

The God of Thunderous Glory

The world, the flesh, and the devil all conspire to fill our lives with triviality, fear, pride, and restlessness. But the God of thunderous glory fills us with awe, confidence, humility and peace, ultimately through His Son through whom His voice has been most powerfully heard.

In the opening section of Colossians, Paul teaches us that our prayers should include thanksgiving for the way our brothers and sisters respond to God’s work in their lives, as well as intercession that they would know and do God’s will, so that He would be pleased with our walk that is worthy of the Lord Jesus.

Soul Searching

From our earliest days we are taught to evaluate the thoughts and actions of others and not merely go along with the crowd. Yet when it comes to the inward chatter of our own fearful and panicky hearts, we often accept our own folly uncritically. Psalms 42 and 43 show us how to search our own thirsty souls and redirect them to the One in whom life-giving water is found.