Proud To Be Humble?

Pride, one of the “seven deadly sins,” could be called the father of all human sinfulness. If you have ever encountered someone who was proud of their humility, then you know this is true! Proverbs has much to warn us about pride’s dangers and much to teach us about the beauty and benefits of humility.

Studying the Lord’s vengeance in Zechariah 6 helps us see why our vengeance is both unhelpful and unnecessary. Rather than being consumed by revenge, we may be set free by the Savior who submitted to ultimate injustice in our place and who will execute perfect justice in His timing.

What do flying scrolls and women in baskets have to do with the Christian life? What do these sixth and seventh night visions, delivered to Zechariah over 2,500 years ago, even mean? Zechariah 5 invites us to learn more about the God from whom no injustice will escape, and who will ultimately remove the sin of His people through the Savior who was cursed, judged, and lifted up in our place.