Divine Delight amidst Desert Distress

Under assault from Saul’s henchmen, David hides out in the inhospitable desert regions where his relationship with the Lord sustains and refreshes him, as our relationship with Christ can in the arid or difficult times in our lives.

A Structure for Shepherding

God does not care for His people haphazardly. He brings all His wisdom, insight, and excellence to bear in caring for us both well and consistently. Though the shepherding structure He chooses to employ uses imperfect men (often from unexpected places!) He is nevertheless the Master Shepherd who points us to our Saving Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

The Mediator We Need

Moses was appointed by God to stand before His people and mediate His grace. Like all earthly mediators, he was frail and ultimately insufficient to the task. Nevertheless, he pointed ahead to the One who was more than sufficient to the task. The Lord Jesus Christ has arms that never tire of protecting those who flee to him for grace, and when He vanquishes our ultimate foes of sin and death they remain vanquished forever.

Thirsty Souls and Living Water

Just as our bodies need physical water to survive and thrive, so our souls need the living water found only in Jesus Christ. Our earthly pilgrimage can often be as spiritually dry as any dessert, but God the Father has provided an oasis in His Son for every thirsty soul who flees to Him for grace.