Welcome to the Family

The Lord often calls unlikely people, in unlikely places, through unlikely means to be a part of His spiritual family. Through the blood of Christ, we are all adopted by our Heavenly Father and given the privilege of welcoming and supporting one another just as we ourselves have been welcomed and supported by Him.

A Kingdom of Priests

Because of God’s holiness and our sinfulness, an elaborate system of consecration was set up to prepare God’s high priest for service. Through the ministry of God’s ultimate High Priest, Jesus Christ, every believer has now be consecrated and set apart for God’s service. Through our Lord Jesus we have become a kingdom of priests to declare the praises of him who called us out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Growth in Christ-likeness does not always come easily or consistently. We need one another to both encourage and challenge us in our walk with the Lord. As we get to know others at a deeper level in a small group setting, we can begin to more easily fulfill the ‘one-another’ aspects of the Christian life.

In ancient Israel, the high priest wore an elaborate set of garments when discharging his duty. These garments clothed him with dignity and honor fitting to his work and pointed ahead to the One who would be clothed with ultimate honor not through a set of clothes, but through the power of a perfectly righteous life. Though we are all naked and defiled in our sin, the Lord Jesus clothes us in His own righteousness by grace, through faith in His work on the cross.