Taught by Grace

Grace under Pressure

Trials are never pleasant, but they are always used by God to strengthen, beautify, and prepare us for life in His eternal kingdom. He grants us grace under pressure through faith in the One who bore the ultimate pressure for us on the cross, Jesus Christ.

Faith in Submission

Faith in action begins with faith in submission. Only when we are bowed before the Lord Jesus Christ will we ever live a Christ-like life. In just one verse James sets the tone for the entire letter: faith in action begins with submission to the ultimate Servant, who paid the ultimate price, so that we might know the ultimate grace of God and live for His glory.

If God is completely sovereign, then why should I pray? That important question is answered by God in Scripture. We’ll take a look at the first instance of prayer mentioned in the Bible because it helps us answer a very important foundational question about whether we should even pray if God has already ordained everything that comes to pass.