Freedom from Soul Slavery

After God delivered His people from physical slavery in Egypt He knew the battle was only half won. In order to be truly free, He would need to set their hearts free from the debilitating worship of everything other than Himself. Through the first of the Ten Commandments God began to do just that, laying the foundation for a life that is truly free in Christ.

The Law of Perfect Freedom

Far from enslaving us to a system of rules, the summary of God’s law found in the Ten Commandments actually brings true freedom. It frees us from ignorance of God’s holy character, frees us from the self-deception of our own sin, and frees us through Christ to live a life of fruitful obedience to His commands. This overview of the Ten Commandments will set the stage for a closer look at how each commandment transforms our lives through the grace that is found in Christ.

Sheep in Wolves' Clothing

When David is maligned and in danger of being betrayed by fellow Israelites, he turns to God, the covenantal judge and divine deliverer. David’s prayer for deliverance is anchored in his firm assurance that God alone is his help, and by His mighty power, God will vindicate and deliver him from his foes.

Preparing for a Holy Mission

Many Christians think Christianity is boring because they don't understand the scope and grandeur of the holy mission God has set us upon. We have not been saved from the bondage of our sin to carry on with life as it was before, but to know, reflect, and proclaim the holiness of our God as He draws all nations to Himself through Jesus Christ. In Exodus 19 God prepared His people for that mission, just as He prepares us for it today through His Word.