In every age God advances His kingdom by using people to point other people to Him. This unbroken chain of discipleship continues in our day as we help one another look to Christ, the ultimate Servant, Mentor, and Savior.

The Puritan theologian, John Owen, teaches believers that there is available to us special help from the Holy Spirit when we pray. This Spirit-energized help makes prayer, which is our duty, also our delight.

Elijah abandoned his calling, ran in fear, and wallowed in self-pity, yet God neither rebuked nor forsook him. He restored him gently, graciously recommissioning him to His service. Such is God’s mercy to His failed servants. He restores us graciously through the One who secured our ultimate restoration on the cross.

Pity Party Unpacked

Pity parties are easy to throw, especially when we feel alone and discouraged. But God does not leave us to wallow in our self-pity. He asks probing questions that get to the heart of our sin and self-focus, reorienting us to the One who was shown no pity so that He might reconcile us to God.