From Enmity to Amity

Paul includes a benediction in the salutation of his letter to the Colossians. In his modest little greeting, 'Grace and Peace to you through God our Father,' the apostle packs a number of rich redemptive truths that teach us about God’s work of atonement in Christ.

Jesus was barely out of the boat on foreign soil when He was confronted by a man possessed by a legion of violent, powerful, and merciless demons. The first thing the demons did was surrender, so great is the Son of the Most High God. Through His life, death, and resurrection, Jesus has liberated us from the forces of hell so that we might become ambassadors of heaven.

In addition to informing his Colossian readers that their new identity in Christ makes them saints, the Apostle Paul also informs them that they are faithful brothers and sisters in Christ. Because faith is so important to the Christian life, and there are a number of popular misunderstandings about the nature of true saving faith, we will look at the character of biblical belief.

Lord of All

You don’t work as a fisherman your entire life without encountering a few storms, including some very bad ones. But when Jesus instantly calmed a storm that the disciples were sure was going to kill them, they began to realize they were in the presence of no ordinary teacher, or even prophet. They were in the presence of the One who is Lord of All and in whom alone we may rest secure through the unrest He endured for us on the cross.