Freedom from the Trivial

The third commandment is far more than a prohibition against using the Lord’s Name as an obscenity. It grounds our lives in a reverence for God that frees us from triviality as we follow the Savior who perfectly honored the Name of the Lord.

From Pride to Praise

When he moved into his palace after becoming king, David succumbed to the malady of pride. But when he learned anew that the Lord’s mercy and faithfulness are the cure for his ailment, he rejoiced that God’s undeserved favor had been supplied to him abundantly again.

Freedom from Worldly Worship

If the first commandment prohibits worshipping false gods, the second commandment prohibits worshipping the true God in false ways. Worldly worship seeks to cheapen and manipulate God, incurring His judgment and ruining our lives. Godly worship keeps us focused on His magnitude and grace as it is ultimately revealed in our Lord Jesus Christ, bringing true freedom and fruitfulness to our lives.