Temptation Embraced and Indulged

When left to their own devices, the Israelites embraced and indulged the very sin they had just been commanded to resist. Sadly, we do the same thing in our Christian lives every day. Who will rescue us from this body of death? Thanks be to God who does so through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Dare to Defer

When it comes to having unity with one another in non-essential issues, Paul reminds us that unity does not equal uniformity. While God calls us to have the same spirit and to accept one another, He does not require us to hold the same position on issues in which the Bible is silent.

Philadelphia Christians

In Romans 12 the apostle Paul teaches that in view of God’s gracious and merciful work of redemption in Christ, we are to be living sacrifices. He goes on in the rest of the chapter to explain what that looks like in everyday living, and what it means to be a transformed Christian. One of the implications he focuses on is how believers are to treat one another. For Paul this includes being devoted to one another, honoring one another, and living in harmony with one another.

From Your Heart

Work and Rest, Part II

Work and rest seem to be at odds with one another, but they are actually two complementary halves of a single life lived for God’s glory. Only when both are shaped by Scripture and based on the grace of Jesus Christ will either be fruitful and satisfying. In part II we look at the crucial role rest plays in the Christian life.