Redeeming the Tongue

James says the tongue is the most dangerous part of the body. Though small, it has the power to destroy our lives and the lives of everyone around us. Worst of all, it is untamable by man. Is there any hope for redeeming the tongue? Yes, through the One who always spoke what was pleasing to the Father and who can enable us to do so by his grace!

In our on-going study of prayers in the Bible, we’ll take a closer look at Nehemiah’s prayer and how it helps us understand prayers of corporate confession.

Faith that Works

Many Christians understand the danger of trusting in works apart from faith, but fewer understand the danger of trusting in faith apart from works! James helps us see that true saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ always shows itself through works. It never merely ascents mentally, or professes verbally, but acts obediently through the grace of the One who set us free.