Stricken by God

The death of a leader sends shockwaves through a community. How much more so the death of God’s own Son? Yet God had a purpose in striking His Shepherd and scattering His people: so that His Church might be purified and used for His greater glory. By His grace, God’s striking and scattering always leads to a greater reunion in Christ.

Sometimes we are haunted by the things we have said and done. Other times we are not even aware of our ongoing disobedience to God’s commands. What can wash away our sin? What can enable us to grow in godliness? Only the blood of Jesus, given for us. The cross opened a fountain of grace and cleansing for all who look to the Son in faith. The One who was defiled continues to purify a people for Himself until the day when defilement will be no more.

Who would have predicted that God would secure the greatest victory of all time through the greatest suffering of all time? Yet that is exactly what He did on the cross. Zechariah 12 anticipates the final victory of God’s people, secured through the suffering of the One who was pierced for us. Jesus’ suffering secures our salvation and establishes a pattern of victory through suffering in our daily Christian lives.