Hope Beyond Hope


Respect for Authority

At first glance, the commandment to honor one’s father and mother may not seem as critical as refraining from murder or adultery, but respect for authority is the essential foundation of every healthy family, church, and society. Though we are all authority-resisters by nature, our hope is found in the Savior who always respected His Father in heaven and who extends His perfect obedience to us by grace.

Rest in the Lord

Nearly everything in our culture works against our rest. The frantic, busy pace of our lives runs us down and takes our eyes off the Lord who saved us. But the Lord knows our need for rest, and provides not just any rest, but rest in Himself through the Christian Sabbath, or Lord’s Day. He gives us one day in seven to lay aside our regular dealings and refocus on His glory, finding true rest in the Savior who died for us.