When God Seems Asleep

Times of hardship often make us feel as though God is asleep, but the Bible assures us that He is wide awake and in control of the affairs of men. He awaits the perfect time to fulfill His covenantal promises to us in Christ and in the mean time enables us to grow in our dependence on Him as we look to Him in faith.

No Accidental Childhoods

Its easy to think that our backgrounds are merely random, but God has specifically ordained them for His good ends. The first forty years of Moses life were a training ground to impart the skills and abilities that God would later use for His glory and the same is true in our lives today.

Long, Slow Refinement

Skills alone are not sufficient for the spiritual service God desires. He uses men and women whose character has been refined by His grace. The second forty years of Moses' life was a period of long, slow refinement which the Lord used for His ultimate glory.

A Mighty God Who Cares

Moses probably never dreamed that he would encounter the living God in a remote portion of the dessert, but God often comes to us in the barren places of our lives to show us that He is far more holy and far more merciful than we ever imagined

Objections Overruled

We are all good at making excuses and raising objections when it comes to following the clear commands of God, but He deals patiently with us in His mercy through the grace of His Son who obeyed perfectly in our place.

Lessons in Divine Sonship

Why did Moses not fully disclose to Jethro why he was leaving Midian? Why did God tell Moses to perform miraculous signs before Pharaoh when God also said he was going to harden Pharaoh's heart? Why was the Lord about to kill Moses shortly after he sent him on His mission? These are hard questions to answer, but they begin to make sense when we consider the theme of divine sonship- that God adopts us as His sons and daughters by grace, ultimately through His perfect Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Under Pressure

Sometimes the pressures of life are more than we can bear and we're tempted to respond in unbiblical ways. God's Word shows us a way forward, ultimately through the Lord Jesus Christ who bore the ultimate pressure on the cross so that we might be free through faith in Him.

Trust Issues

Pain and disappointment make it difficult to take God at his word, but he patiently reminds us of his covenantal promises ultimately fulfilled in Christ. Through the One who perfectly trusted in our place we find our trust in the Father marvelously renewed and restored.

All in the Family

A snapshot of our extended earthly families reveals quite an assortment of personalities and levels of obedience. The same is true within the household of faith, yet God uses each one- even the rebellious- for His own glory and to teach us about life in His family.

Crushing Idols, Giving Hope

An idol is anything we love, honor, or depend upon more than God. In His mercy, God relentlessly crushes the idols in our lives so that our hope may be built on Him alone, but the process is rarely pleasant. Turning the Nile River into blood crushed one of the ancient Egyptians’ most powerful idols, but it also opened the door of salvation for those who trusted in Him by grace. Ultimately, the first plague foreshadowed a far greater judgment in blood that would result in a far greater deliverance through the cross of Jesus Christ.