Prophet of the Lord

It had been over 400 years since a prophet had arisen in Israel. Great expectations had given way to routine resignation as the final words of Malachi remained unfulfilled. But then God sent John the Baptist to announce that the Messiah had finally arrived. John’s mission was to proclaim a message of repentance that would prepare people for his Master - the Savior who comes to us today through the pages of Scripture that we might be baptized with his Holy Spirit and live for his glory.

In Luke 3:1 to 4:13, the writer includes three important episodes in the life of Christ: the appearance of John the Baptist, Jesus’ own baptism and genealogy, and the temptation of Jesus. Each of these is part of the public inauguration of Jesus as Messiah. And each of the episodes points to his other offices: to his coronation as the New King and his consecration as the ultimate prophet and priest. These offices of Jesus are important to properly understanding who he is and what his work is for his people.