Great Expectations

Short-term struggles become insurmountable without long-term hope. God assured the believers of Malachi’s day that despite their immediate suffering, the day was coming when both His justice and His mercy would be fully revealed. In the meantime, we are anchored by His word and His promises that testify to our ultimate Prophet who is sure to return, Jesus Christ.

Grand Theft Tithe

If stealing from your neighbor can land you in jail, what are the consequences of stealing from God? Malachi says it results in a wandering heart, an oblivious mind, and the curse of His displeasure. Yet despite our chronic theft of His gifts and glory, God continues to call us to Himself through the Savior who became poor so that we might become rich in Him.

And He Shall Purify

When the Lord Jesus returns in glory His splendor will have an irreversible effect on sin: it will judge unrepentant sin and purify the sin of those who have fled to Him for grace. But the Lord Jesus has already come once in the flesh and is presently purifying His Church, even as He warns unbelievers of the coming judgment. How happy are those who know His cleansing grace in this life and give Him all the glory!

Marriage Under Siege

Since the Garden of Eden, marriage has been identified as a strategic blessing from God and thus has been under siege by the enemy. He relentlessly seeks to marginalize, redefine, poison, and destroy it. Worst of all, our own faithlessness toward one another proceeds from, and contributes to, our faithlessness toward God. We need a Savior who can break the siege and have one in Jesus Christ. God’s prefect Bridegroom is able to redeem His faithless bride for His Father’s glory and our eternal good.

The Danger of Complacency

Anything we encounter frequently runs the risk of becoming undervalued, taken for granted, and even disrespected. From good health to material blessings to long-time spouses, familiarity breeds complacency. Sadly, our relationship with God is not exempt. The priests in Malachi’s day had grown indifferent to God’s majesty and thus negligent in their responsibilities. We face the same danger and are presented with the same hope: redemption through the perfect Priest whose lips preserved knowledge, whose feet walked in righteousness, and whose blood atoned for all who trust in Him.

Immediate departures from the faith are rare. Far more often, we experience a gradual decline, or slipping, that we barely notice. Over time, we find ourselves far from the Lord, having forgotten our first love. But God seeks us in our apathy and draws us back to Himself through His steadfast love, centered in Christ.