Luther's A Simple Way to Pray

If you have ever become distracted in prayer, found that your prayer life has become cool or lifeless, or are at a loss as to what you should pray about, the Scriptures themselves provide wonderful content for prayer. In his little book, A Simple Way to Pray, Martin Luther, following Psalm 1, gives us very helpful guidelines for learning to pray the Scriptures.

Refuge in the Exalted Son

Sleeping Securely

Despite the threat against his life from his own son’s rebellion, David shows a pattern of praise, peace, and prayer in the midst of pressure as a way for us to gain firm assurance in God in the face of adversity.

How to Go to Bed

How to Wake Up

God the Just Judge

David calls on the Lord to judge justly. The biblical doctrine of God as Judge who will call everyone to account is a scary reality, but for those in Christ it is a source of great joy and comfort.

God Gives Great Victories

David acknowledges not only that the LORD has delivered him from troubles, but that God also enables David to gain victory over his enemies (Psalm 18:50). This biblical teaching of divine sovereignty and human responsibility helps us to grow in our sanctification.

He Restores My Soul

David waited on the Lord in prayer; Paul taught that we should pray continually. With these teachings in mind, Matthew Henry guides us through ways to maintain an attitude of prayer throughout each day.