No amount of human ingenuity or effort can bring forth Reformation. Only God can bestow it by His grace as we appeal to His glory, mercy, and purposes. He shines His face upon us through the man at His right hand, the son of man whom He has raised up for Himself: the good Shepherd, the true Vine, the only Savior, Jesus Christ.

Spurgeon's Passion for Prayer

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, known as the “Prince of Preachers” was also a persistent “pray-er.” One of the keys to his passion for prayer and the power he experienced in prayer was his private communion with God. Spurgeon reflects David’s own intimate communion with the LORD as seen in Psalm 63. There are valuable prayer lessons to glean from both the King of Israel and the Prince of Preachers.

Robed in Majesty

We think we need many things in life but the only thing that is truly essential is a fresh sense of God’s divine majesty from the Scriptures. Psalm 93 lifts our eyes to the Lord who reigns on high, is robed in glory, is armed with strength, and who remains changeless forever. He not only rules over the storms of this life, but over His people, the Church, through His anointed Son who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

David waited on the Lord in prayer; Paul taught that we should pray continually. With these teachings in mind, Matthew Henry guides us through ways to maintain an attitude of prayer throughout each day.

Luther's A Simple Way to Pray

If you have ever become distracted in prayer, found that your prayer life has become cool or lifeless, or are at a loss as to what you should pray about, the Scriptures themselves provide wonderful content for prayer. In his little book, A Simple Way to Pray, Martin Luther, following Psalm 1, gives us very helpful guidelines for learning to pray the Scriptures.

The God of Thunderous Glory

The world, the flesh, and the devil all conspire to fill our lives with triviality, fear, pride, and restlessness. But the God of thunderous glory fills us with awe, confidence, humility and peace, ultimately through His Son through whom His voice has been most powerfully heard.

Soul Searching

From our earliest days we are taught to evaluate the thoughts and actions of others and not merely go along with the crowd. Yet when it comes to the inward chatter of our own fearful and panicky hearts, we often accept our own folly uncritically. Psalms 42 and 43 show us how to search our own thirsty souls and redirect them to the One in whom life-giving water is found.

A Cry for Mercy

David was having a really bad day. Burdened by guilt, afflicted by suffering, and pursued by enemies, it felt as if the whole world was collapsing on top of him. In his sin and helplessness he cried out to God for mercy and found it in the One who would one day deny mercy to His own Son so that He might lovingly grant it to us by grace.