Robed in Majesty

We think we need many things in life but the only thing that is truly essential is a fresh sense of God’s divine majesty from the Scriptures. Psalm 93 lifts our eyes to the Lord who reigns on high, is robed in glory, is armed with strength, and who remains changeless forever. He not only rules over the storms of this life, but over His people, the Church, through His anointed Son who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The God of Thunderous Glory

The world, the flesh, and the devil all conspire to fill our lives with triviality, fear, pride, and restlessness. But the God of thunderous glory fills us with awe, confidence, humility and peace, ultimately through His Son through whom His voice has been most powerfully heard.

Soul Searching

From our earliest days we are taught to evaluate the thoughts and actions of others and not merely go along with the crowd. Yet when it comes to the inward chatter of our own fearful and panicky hearts, we often accept our own folly uncritically. Psalms 42 and 43 show us how to search our own thirsty souls and redirect them to the One in whom life-giving water is found.

A Cry for Mercy

David was having a really bad day. Burdened by guilt, afflicted by suffering, and pursued by enemies, it felt as if the whole world was collapsing on top of him. In his sin and helplessness he cried out to God for mercy and found it in the One who would one day deny mercy to His own Son so that He might lovingly grant it to us by grace.

God Gives Great Victories

David acknowledges not only that the LORD has delivered him from troubles, but that God also enables David to gain victory over his enemies (Psalm 18:50). This biblical teaching of divine sovereignty and human responsibility helps us to grow in our sanctification.

God the Just Judge

David calls on the Lord to judge justly. The biblical doctrine of God as Judge who will call everyone to account is a scary reality, but for those in Christ it is a source of great joy and comfort.

Sleeping Securely

Despite the threat against his life from his own son’s rebellion, David shows a pattern of praise, peace, and prayer in the midst of pressure as a way for us to gain firm assurance in God in the face of adversity.

Guilt, Grace, and Gratitude

After Nathan’s stinging rebuke, David responds to his sin with Bathsheba and Uriah with a humble prayer for forgiveness and cleansing.

Security in Sovereignty

David learned the spiritual truth that when we’ve blown it with God and we’re looking to recover, that there is security in God’s sovereignty, not in our self-sufficiency.