The Day of Small Things

Everything big comes from something small. Even the work of God in our lives often begins in very simple ways. As believers, we don’t despise the day of small things because God uses small beginnings for great endings through our great Savior, Jesus Christ.

Not by Might or Power

Zerubbabel faced the seemingly impossible task of rebuilding the temple with limited resources, great opposition, and a demoralized workforce. Yet God encouraged him through Zechariah’s vision that nothing is too hard for the Spirit of God. Where our human strength fails, God triumphs through His Son, the Light of the world, whose brilliance will shine forever.

He Does As He Pleases

In the book of Proverbs, we encounter a handful of wisdom sayings that address God’s sovereign and providential control of all his creatures and their actions. These proverbs give helpful insight into the doctrine of providence and how we are to live securely and confidently in God’s fatherly hand.

From Filthy to Fruitful

The only time Satan tells the truth is when he accuses us of sin. In fact, our sin makes us spiritually filthy before the Lord. But no matter how deep the stain of our transgressions, God can cleanse us through the work of Christ and enable us to live for His glory. We move from filthy to forgiven to fruitful through the blood of Christ, our great High Priest.

Heaven and the New Jerusalem are not glorious because they have no taxes and perfect weather (though that may be!). They are glorious because God Himself dwells there in unshielded majesty. His presence is our ultimate security and joy, and that presence is already experienced in part through His Church. We have been made citizens of an eternal community and a beacon to the nations through the blood of Christ, who is Immanuel, God with us.

God in Command

Most of life’s battles seem out of control when all you can see are the difficult circumstances around you. But in Zechariah 1, God gives us a glimpse into His “heavenly command center” where we see just how in control He really is. From His observations of the enemy’s movements to their wholesale destruction, God delivers His people through the grace of His great High Captain, Jesus Christ.

Return to Me

From the Garden of Eden to the present day, the source of all our problems is that our hearts and minds stray from the living God. Our sin leads us to distraction, disobedience, and disillusionment because we forsake the God who made us. In Zechariah 1, God calls us back to Himself, ultimately through the Son who was rejected that we might be received.

The Way of the LORD

Throughout the book of Proverbs we meet many characters like the wise king, the foolish son, the prudent man, the sluggard, the mocker, and the brawler. But the main character is undoubtedly the LORD himself. Having a proper understanding of God – actually knowing him personally and his ways, rather than just knowing about him – is essential to living lives of wisdom day by day. What do the various proverbs in the book tell us about the LORD that will help us know him better and live well before his face? We’ll see that Solomon has much to teach us about the God we serve.

The Blessed Big Picture

So often in life, we become disoriented, despondent, and delinquent because we lose sight of the big picture of what God is doing. We get so caught up in the details and struggles of our daily lives that we forget the glorious plan of our glorious God. Haggai’s final oracle reminds us of the Mighty God who will one day shake the heavens and the earth, fully redeeming His people through Zerubbabel’s greatest descendant, Jesus Christ.

Sin and Grace

In Bible-believing churches, we use terms like sin and grace all the time. We think we know what they mean but have not begun to fathom their true depth and height. In Haggai 2, God shows us how bad our sin really is so that we might understand how amazing His grace really is, ultimately through the Savior who became defiled that we might be cleansed.

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