God Gives Great Victories

David acknowledges not only that the LORD has delivered him from troubles, but that God also enables David to gain victory over his enemies (Psalm 18:50). This biblical teaching of divine sovereignty and human responsibility helps us to grow in our sanctification.

Grace Changes Everything

God’s grace not only freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt; it forever transformed their view of slavery and every other facet of life. Applying the principles of his Ten Commandments to our everyday struggles, God shows his people of all ages how grace really does changes everything through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Way Back Home

Even after showing us the clear way forward, God knows how prone we are to wander. In His grace He provides a way back to Himself even when we've strayed; a way that looks ahead to the One who is the ultimate way, truth, and life, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Fear of the Lord

Not all fear is bad. A God-oriented, reverent fear that recognizes the power and holiness of our God is actually essential for Christian life and growth. It drives us to our knees, drives us to our Mediator, and drives us to our duty as we follow the One who showed perfect reverence to his Father in heaven.