Lessons in Divine Sonship

Why did Moses not fully disclose to Jethro why he was leaving Midian? Why did God tell Moses to perform miraculous signs before Pharaoh when God also said he was going to harden Pharaoh's heart? Why was the Lord about to kill Moses shortly after he sent him on His mission? These are hard questions to answer, but they begin to make sense when we consider the theme of divine sonship- that God adopts us as His sons and daughters by grace, ultimately through His perfect Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Objections Overruled

We are all good at making excuses and raising objections when it comes to following the clear commands of God, but He deals patiently with us in His mercy through the grace of His Son who obeyed perfectly in our place.

A Mighty God Who Cares

Moses probably never dreamed that he would encounter the living God in a remote portion of the dessert, but God often comes to us in the barren places of our lives to show us that He is far more holy and far more merciful than we ever imagined