Slaves of Christ

How can you serve the Lord in a miserable situation? Whether in bondage to a slave master, an overbearing boss, or a difficult home circumstance, we find true freedom only in the One who forsook His freedom for us. Becoming Christ’s slave is actually the most liberating thing there is as we discover the hope, purpose, and power of serving the Master who set us free.

After an extended period of ministry in Galilee, Luke tells us that ‘As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.’ This is an important change in Luke’s narrative, and there are a number of important teachings packed into this event.

Listening to Learn

Children and Parents

Parents and children have experienced tension since the very first parents and children! Sin disrupts all of our relationships, especially among those with whom we share close quarters. Thankfully, our perfectly wise Father is in the process of redeeming family relations through the grace of His perfectly obedient Son, Jesus Christ.