November 2014

The Certain Hope of Advent

We live in an uncertain age. Skeptics doubt whether objective truth exists. Relativists believe everything depends on your point of view. Agnostics just don't know. Even Christians are often beset by many fears and worries about the future. But into a world of such uncertainty God sent His Son, born of a virgin, so that we might not only know the truth with certainty, but be set free by it.

Sleeping Securely

Despite the threat against his life from his own son’s rebellion, David shows a pattern of praise, peace, and prayer in the midst of pressure as a way for us to gain firm assurance in God in the face of adversity.

Guilt, Grace, and Gratitude

After Nathan’s stinging rebuke, David responds to his sin with Bathsheba and Uriah with a humble prayer for forgiveness and cleansing.

Freedom from Discontent

Discontentment may seem like a lesser sin because it is entirely inward and is listed last among the Ten Commandments, but it is foundational to the other nine. It is the gateway through which every other sin flows, revealing the dissatisfaction of our hearts with God and His provision. Only a Savior who perfectly delighted in His Father at all times can redeem us from the sin of covetousness and lead us to true contentment, and thankfully we have such a Savior in Jesus Christ.

Nothing but the Truth

Lying is one of the easiest sins to commit. There are countless ways to skew, embellish, or omit the truth. Lies are often easy to craft, easy to rationalize, and difficult to detect. They seem like the simplest path to achieve our objectives, but in the end lead to death for ourselves and others. Thanks be to the God of truth for sending His Son of truth to redeem us from our sin and fill us with His Spirit of truth.