Whether you are a believer, a skeptic, or are still deciding, doubt affects us all. Is Jesus really who He said He was? Did He really do all those miracles? Is He truly the only way to God? By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Luke wrote a detailed, orderly, historical account so that we might know the certain truth about Jesus Christ. He is the seeking Savior who sacrificed Himself so that in Him we might stand firm in shaky times.

Powerful Words, Foolish Words

Our words can be used for ill, to harm others and destroy relationships. Solomon helps us to understand exactly how powerful our hurtful words are, and how we can, under Christ’s grace in the gospel, put off unrighteous speech and replace it with righteous patterns.

Great Expectations

Short-term struggles become insurmountable without long-term hope. God assured the believers of Malachi’s day that despite their immediate suffering, the day was coming when both His justice and His mercy would be fully revealed. In the meantime, we are anchored by His word and His promises that testify to our ultimate Prophet who is sure to return, Jesus Christ.

Grand Theft Tithe

If stealing from your neighbor can land you in jail, what are the consequences of stealing from God? Malachi says it results in a wandering heart, an oblivious mind, and the curse of His displeasure. Yet despite our chronic theft of His gifts and glory, God continues to call us to Himself through the Savior who became poor so that we might become rich in Him.